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2023 Sauvignon Blanc

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2023 Sauvignon Blanc

2023 Sauvignon Blanc
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Pale straw color with hints of green, reflecting its youthful vibrancy. Inviting aromas of ripe citrus fruits such as Meyer lemon and grapefruit, intertwined with delicate floral notes of elderflower and hints of freshly cut grass.

Crisp and refreshing on the palate, with lively acidity providing structure to the wine. Flavors of juicy white peach, zesty lime, and tropical guava dance on the tongue, complemented by a subtle minerality that adds depth and complexity. Clean and lingering finish, leaving a refreshing citrus zest and a touch of herbal undertone, enticing you for another sip.

A beautifully balanced Sauvignon Blanc from the Russian River Valley, showcasing the region's signature fruit-forward style with a refreshing twist. Enjoyable on its own or paired with light seafood dishes, salads, or goat cheese appetizers.

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Sauvignon Blanc
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